Dear Guests,

Encountering Kerala is like being whirled around inside an unimaginably thrilling kaleidoscope of colour, culture and natural beauty.

Whats special about kerala is that its simplistic and keeps you amidst nature.

After 2 decades of doing Kerala tourism, we bring to you the best of this dream destination.


Anil sharma,
CEO, Pioneer Journeys


Dear Anil,

" First of all, I would like to say we were extremely happy with the way you organized our vacation to South India. We had a great time there, thanks to a fantastic driver, Shaji, who was the best I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. He did not even once try to take us to unwanted shops and instead suggested we go and see some interesting places on the way.

The program was great and perfect for us, including some unique experiences (e.g. Rameshwaram), where Shaji found us an incredible – hardly speaking English - guide who took us to all the places we were not supposed to go as foreigners, making this long day trip absolutely unforgettable.

We enjoyed the rooms booked for us; had a great hospitality at Ramanashree (Richmond Circle) in Bangalore, probably the nicest garden facing room at Taj’s Fisherman’s Cove (C23) and managed to avoid the “compulsory” awful (and overpriced) buffet dinners for Christmas and New Year thanks to your choice of hotels.

We were also glad we had the Toyota Innova for our trip. Please, once again feel free to consider us as a reference for your website. "

Christophe Hinous

Dear Anil,

" Finally I can get online again and send a email. My apologies at not getting back sooner.

So yes, it is just about a month now, since the three of us girls had to say goodbye to India, we truly had a wonderful trip, as I have said to friends here, it was truly the best planned trip I have ever been on! It was truly a well planned, well executed, and truly not a flaw could we comment about, except the late train departure, which was no ones fault and truly gave us (Gail and I a few laughs, Wendy slept through it all). We did all on the trip that we had hoped except seeing a Wedding, but we had a fabulous cooking class (two mornings) at the hotel we stayed at in Cochin, and the cook there, I would highly recommend, if any one else, asks you for cooking classes.

Please pass along a big hello and best wishes to two of our favourite people from our trip, GP and Mann, they were truly outstanding representatives of your company, we will be writing to them and sending pictures hopefully soon.

Again thankyou, for all you did, and truly,  knowing that you were in contact probably more times than we knew, truly added to our confidence in our time, and being able to email our family, that we were truly very safe, in India. The vehicle was first class, the driver was first class, and the hotels, tour guides, and meals were truly better than we had expected.

I will be back in India, and truly will be recommending your company to everyone. I have friends working in Saudi, that I have told them about your company and to pass along if work colleagues there want to plan a trip to India, as well, as the volunteer group that I do overseas Medical missions with. They have two missions planned to India still this year, to Hyberdad, and Chennai, and often after the group are done with work, they enjoy travelling around for a extra week afterwards, so I will pass along your name to them as well. "

Elaine Gorman

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